Plumbing Professionals

Cregger Company has been servicing plumbing professionals for over 35 years. In that time we have really figured out how to give our plumbing pros an unrivaled experience with their distributor.

With an unmatched product selection, robust inventories, and locations throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky we make it easy to do business with.

Here are some of the ways we make it easy for our customers to be successful:

Inventories – Extensive inventories in all of our locations. We are not a publicly traded company that is trying to see how little inventory we can carry and still get by. We invest heavily in the products that our customers need to be successful.  We also analyze and customize our inventories in each location in order to carry what is needed for that market. And beyond that we customize our inventories based on specific customers’ needs in each market as well.

Job Site Delivery – You will not find another distributor as dedicated to job site delivery as Cregger Company. We are invested heavily in our fleet and drivers so we can the product you need, where you need it, and when you need it on a consistent basis.  Cregger Company is located in 4 states, but we do business in over 20 every year because of our commitment to jobsite delivery.

People – We hire and train the best managers and customer representatives in the industry.  We want people that are 100% dedicated to making your experience at Cregger Company one that will want you coming back for more.


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