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Underground Water & Sewer



  • ductile iron pipe and fittings
  • AWWA resilient wedge gate valves
  • Indicator Posts
  • filter fabric
  • tapping Saddles
  • plug valves
  • AWWA Brass -corporation and curb stops
  • ductile iron flanged fittings
  • check valves
  • Storm Drain Pipe and Fittings

                 HDPE corrugated

  • jack and bore encasement piping
    casing spacers
  • manhole frame and covers
  • trench drain grating
  • valve boxes
  • hatch covers and aluminum vault covers
  • water Meters
  • polyethylene sleeving
  • tools
  • PVC pipe and fittings
  • fire hydrants
  • joint Restraint Mechanisms
  • silt fence
  • tapping Valves 
  • tapping sleeves
  • HDPE pressure pipe
  • flanged valves
  • large and small diameter ball valves
  • Pumping Systems

                pumps, alarms, controls
                effluent, grinder, etc

  • spider clamps
  • caution and marking tapes
  • frame and grates for catch basins 
  • prefabricated trench drain
  • meter boxes
  • backflow preventers
  • expansion Joints
  • marking paint
  • concrete valve and hydrant markers


Plumbing Fixtures, Equipment, and Piping



Drains, Cleanouts, and Interior Castings


  • all stainless steel drains and drain piping
  • floor, wall, exposed, and exterior cleanouts
  • deck drains
  • floor drains 
  • roof drains
  • scupper drains, downspout nozzles


Plumbing Fixtures, Faucets, Flush Valves, and Trim



·         toilets, lavatories, showers

·         stainless steel sinks, scullery sinks, lab sinks

·         lab equipment and faucets

·         gang wash sinks

·         Emergency Equipment
      emergency showers
      eye and face washes
      decontamination equipment

·         water heaters

Pipe, Valves, Fittings
    cast iron drain piping
    gate, ball, check, butterfly  
    valves, etc
    acid waste systems
    double encasement piping 

  • sink, shower, lavatory, and sink faucets 
  • polypropylene sinks and faucets
  • flush valves
  • stainless steel plumbing fixtures
  • Pumping Systems
            booster systems
            recirculating pumps
            sump pumps
  • water coolers, drinking fountains
  • CSST flexible stainless steel gas piping 
  • hangers, strut, clamps 

Bathroom Accessories
     paper towel dispensers
     toilet tissue holders
     soap dispensers
     bathroom partitions


Mechanical and Process Pipe, Valves, and Fittings



  • stainless steel
  • carbon steel
  • PVC
  • Kynar
  • copper
  • polyethylene
  • hangers, strut, clamps
  • bolt and gasket sets
  • relief valves
  • valve tags
  • high purity and sanitary stainless steel
  • forged steel
  • CPVC
  • PVDF
  • brass
  • acid waste
  • fasteners
  • steam traps
  • expansion tanks
  • pipe marking equipment and labeling

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